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Meet Dr. Paul Lee
Dr. Paul C. Lee is an eye physician and a surgeon who specializes in vision correction. In addition to being board certified to diagnose and treat most eye diseases including cataract and glaucoma, his expertise is in the surgical correction of vision to rid of dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Lee has extensive experience in all forms of vision correction.
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At CCRS, we do not leave anything to chance which may affect the outcome of our surgery. For this reason, our evaluation is very thorough and complete utilizing the latest diagnostic devices such as the Pentacam Corneal Analyzer and the Cirrus HD-Optical Coherence Tomography 5000. The surgery is performed utilizing the state-of-the-art technology such as the Bladeless VisuMax-Mel 80 Laser Suite and the 400 Hz Wavelight Allegretto Laser. These systems are currently accepted to be the most advanced vision correction lasers in the industry.
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We are proud to announce the offering of the latest in premier laser
vision correction, Visumax - reflection of our commitment to excellence
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